Most people would look at couple counseling as an intimidating endeavor. It's quite vulnerable enough just to open up your innermost feelings to a counselor, but if it also involves the person who knows you best and one who might disclose your not-so-fascinating qualities - that will surely take guts! Because a lot of people would look at it as something intimidating, a lot of couples tend to wait longer than necessary to consider looking for counseling. And even if they already do decide to go for it, there will be some barriers that may hinder them from proceeding smoothly. It could be that their insurance never covers couples counseling and a lot of therapist won't offer weekend sessions but the biggest hindrance is to choose the right relationship counselor for your needs. 

Keep in mind that since couples are already seeking counseling due to the fact that they have a very strained relationship, it won't really take much to make things worse. Even couples therapy therapists with good intentions are prone to cause bigger problems if they don't really quite understand how couples counseling should proceed. Below are things you might want to consider when choosing for the right relationship counselors to make your relationship even more stronger. 

First of all, not all therapists from have the same basic training. Counselors might definitely have the knowledge for counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy. There are quite a very broad range of degrees that may qualify somebody to become a licensed counselor and most of them focus on individual counseling. As a matter of fact, there are some counseling program graduates who were not able to take a single course on how to work with relationships or couples. 


For your convenience, you might consider going to one of your EAP providers. Some therapists who are known to be excellent in their work are part of EAP networks. However, it basically depends on your EAP because you may not have a lot of therapists to choose from. What's worse is that it is very much possible that no providers with specialized training couples counseling are covered. Because of the fact that poorly trained counselors can pretty much do more damage to your relationship than actually resolving it, it would be best if you search for one with the best training in couples work to save you a lot of money and effort for that matter. Be sure to visit this website at and know more about relationships.